Sunday, January 13, 2013

Abiding in the Word.

"For the Lord GOD does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets."

Amos 3:7

This verse is applicable to what I am studying in my Tabletalk right now. For the next year, the Tabletalk studies will be going through the Old Testament prophetic books, Isaiah through Malachi. The goal of the study is "to offer a comprehensive overview of the Lord's old covenant messengers." I'm looking forward to learning a little more history of these great men.

Lima Bean and I have made it through another week away from our other half - Andrew. We miss him, but we are enjoying our time with (grand)parents and friends. I feel like quite the social butterfly... buzzing here and there to have lunch dates and dinner dates with friends. I'm thankful to my parents and Andrew's parents for watching Lima Bean. I think I'm realizing how wonderful it would be to live closer to family... babysitters!!! ;)

Andrew and I still have a few more weeks of separation while he continues to commute from Denver to Colorado Springs to work for his current store (until his new store opens) and I stay in GA. If I haven't explained it before, Lima Bean and I aren't out in CO right now because our housing arrangement is in limbo. Come mid-February, we will be back as a family and quasi settled in CO (most likely in an apartment temporarily until we can work out the timeline of buying).

So until we're back together as a family, we're making the best of our current situation. For Lima Bean and me, that's not too hard - we're with all of our family and friends. For Andrew, it's a little more challenging, but the Lord will see us through it all! Praise the Lord for His never ending faithfulness and love.

Now enjoy a few pics from last week.

Lima Bean has a new buddy... Rudy

Here's her other friend... DeeDee.  They were having a little staring contest.

Picnic lunch with MyTy and GranDude. I promise she was enjoying it.

Just having a little spaghetti. Lima Bean likes to save some for another time (all over her face).

We're working on manners. :)

Post spaghetti look - topless playing with toys.

Gus - the best cat ever.

Lima Bean prefers to get around convenient ways like crawling under chairs and tables.

Blurry, but so funny. Her new favorite spot: under the table in my parent's living room.

This shirt is in honor of my dear husband (who picked it out). Although more than likely a boys shirt, Lima Bean couldn't go without her own Tom and Jerry t-shirt!

Lima Bean had her first accident last night. She hit her lip and cut open the inside. She cried longer than usual, and not until I pulled her away from my chest did I realize she was bleeding pretty badly. After a little ice and TLC, she was feeling much better.

Here's to a wonderful week!

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  1. Anne,
    I always love to see a new post from you. I can only imagine what it has to be like to be back home getting to see all kinds of friends and being with family. What fun! I am also positive you are ready to see your man too. Praying that you find a house quickly once you get back out here with Andrew. Keep on enjoying all of that family time!