Sunday, February 24, 2013

Abiding in the Word.

"And one called to another and said: 'Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!'"

Isaiah 6:3

Lima Bean and I are back in CO! After what was likely the worst experience of my life - the flight to CO with Lima Bean... alone... 7 months pregnant... and Lima Bean recovering from a stomach bug PLUS a molar coming in... it was great to see Andrew and get settled in our cozy two bedroom apartment.

Since returning, Lima Bean got to experience her first big snow. I'll be posting photos of that tomorrow. Until then, here are a few photos off of my phone from the last few days.

It's time to go... and we had A LOT of stuff!

Lima Bean riding her daddy's childhood horse. I especially love the hair.

Just doing a little practicing. 

Lima Bean got her first official haircut last week. I'll post pics from the exciting experience this week. Here she is post hair cut.

A cute, little bob.

This is blurry, but I love to see her laugh.

Home in the apartment... back on her own horse.

The best place to play? In a toy box, of course!

Lima Bean did some exploring with her GranDude before we left. I found evidence of their excursion in the wash.

In the apartment relaxing, watching some Baby Signing Time. Those DVDs never seem to get old... to Lima Bean. :)

Lime Bean was kind enough to bring Ellie a little snack.

Showing off some shades in the store.

Ok this next picture requires explaining before you see it. This is a screen-shot of my phone. I was talking to Andrew about a toy of Lima Bean's that was "bad because it cuts on easily in the toy box." Well Siri (the weird iPhone app that will listen to commands and do things for you) somehow activated in my pocket, listened to my comment,  and thought I said the following **warning, it includes a profanity!!** After I finished my comment regarding the toy to Andrew, when Siri spoke up out of the blue, Andrew and I were totally surprised and completely shocked with her response!

Lima Bean enjoying our family being together again.

Have a fabulous week!

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