Sunday, February 17, 2013

Abiding in the Word.

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter."

Isaiah 5:20

This past week was a very busy week so I'm sorry for not being more chatty on the blog. When Andrew and I returned to GA two Fridays ago, he boarded the world's largest cruise ship, the Allure of the Seas, where he and the rest of the Chick-fil-A family celebrated another year serving chicken. I wasn't able to attend because I'm too far along in my pregnancy (BOO!). He arrived back in town Thursday (Valentine's Day), just in time to help me care for Lima Bean who was sick with a stomach flu. Cleaning up throw up is not exactly how I planned on celebrating Valentine's Day, but I guess we can say it made things more eventful! Lima Bean and her Pops (who also came down with the stomach bug on V-Day) are feeling better, so that is a praise. Despite the fact that Andrew was the "third wheel" at all times on the cruise, he had a great time seeing friends and enjoying God's beautiful creation.

Andrew returns to CO tomorrow, then Lima Bean and I will join him this Thursday. I must say it will be weird to leave the South! Lima Bean and I have been in GA for exactly two months today... and we've pretty much adjusted to the southern life. Spending time with family and friends has been so refreshing, and I praise the Lord for blessing Andrew and me with such wonderful, loving parents who have been incredibly helpful with Lima Bean. I will probably cry as Mom and Dad drop us off at the airport (I blame it on the pregnancy hormones), but once I get the good-byes out of the way, I will be looking forward to getting back to "normal" (as normal as it can be in a two bedroom apartment with a toddler and two rambunctious pups) and actually living with my husband! :)

We are about to enter a very busy season of life (a new baby, a new store, and possibly a new house), so when we touch ground, we will likely come off running. Until then, however, I'm soaking up the humid, southern air and the delicious, home-cooked meals from Mimi.

Snow day in CO

Lima Bean's Valentine's Day breakfast... that came back to visit us last that evening.

When Daddy came home from the cruise, Lima Bean wanted to snuggle from being sick.

Lima Bean feeling better and playing with her favorite man. 

Lima Bean is doing really well learning to use a fork. 

We took a tourist day and went to the GA aquarium and the Varsity. Lima Bean had a blast... minus recovering from being sick.

It was a good day.

When it's too cold to swing outside, just have GranDude bring the swing inside! Such blurry pics, but I couldn't resist.

I treated myself to a coffee this chilly afternoon... apparently we have a coffee drinker on our hands since Lima Bean ended up finishing my (decaf) coffee. 

Lima Bean loves playing with her Daddy...
... and she loves Daddy hugs.

Have a great week, friends! Next time I write, I will likely be back in the west. Talk to you then. :)

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