Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lima Bean is TWO!

Wahoo, wahoo, Lima Bean's two!

I can't believe we officially have a toddler. Whoa. Somebody pinch me! Ok, no not really.

So life with a two year old...

- Our morning starts whenever Lima Bean thinks it should (I'm hoping to eventually get up before the girls so I can have some "me" time... I just haven't gotten there yet.
- Lima Bean continues to eat pretty much whatever is set down in front of her. Currently, the things she requests the most are toast, an almond butter sandwich, "snacks" (fruit snacks), cashews, milk, pears, and cereal.
- Some of her most popular words/sayings: "I do it," "I hold you," "yes sir," "spicy," "oopsey daisy," and "no, thank you." She seriously never stops talking though.
- She loves to look out the window while riding in the car and point out all she sees - "doo doo train," "BIG truck," "school bus," "moon," "baloons," just to name a few.
- "House" is currently her favorite show - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
- Her birthday was centered around "House." Most of the gifts she received were Mickey Mouse related, and she loooves all of her new goodies.
- She requests nap time (most of the time).
- The swing is still a favorite past time.
- After eating, she takes her plate/bowl and utensils and drops them in the sink. I think it's so cute.
- Sunglasses are referred to as "eyes."
- Going out to eat feels sort of like punishment. We avoid going out to restaurants with LB like the plague. If we eat "out," it generally means we get take out.
- While changing the laundry from the washer to the dryer, LB is in charge of putting the wet clothes in the dryer. So I hand her an article of clothing, she takes the time to identify whose it is, and then tosses it in the dryer. It takes us a pretty long time, but I don't mind. She keeps me entertained. And more often than not, she gets the identifying right!
- Lima Bean refuses to smile (or even look) at the camera. I'm trying to not take it personally. :)
- Some of her favorite songs: "If You're Happy and You Know It," "Oh Let the Sun Shine In," "This Little Light of Mine," "ABC's," and any Camp Winshape song (songs I know from my camp days).

The following photos are a lousy attempt at two year shots. I gave up very quickly. I'm going to work on being more creative to get better shots.

Anywho... here's to two years, Lima Bean.  MomMom and Daddy love you very much.

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