Thursday, October 24, 2013

Six months.

Not only did we recently celebrate Lima Bean's second birthday, we also celebrated Firecracker's six month birthday.

Life with a six month old...

- Firecracker is nursing almost exclusively. I've given her a little rice cereal, egg yolks, and chicken liver, all of which she's liked. I tried to give her some avocado, and she was not a fan. I have a sneaky suspicion that we might have a picky eater on our hands. We shall see!
- She is crawling!
- Firecracker enjoys blowing raspberries and making a lot of cooing noises. She is definitely more talkative than Lima Bean was.
- Watching her big sister makes her laugh so much.
- She will chew on virtually anything, yet I can't get her to take a pacifier.
- She just experienced her first plane ride to GA, and she did pretty well.
- While in GA, she had her first swing experience and loved it. I think she is going to enjoy it as much as her big sister.
- Singing keeps her captivated for a long time, and she loves to be held while I dance with Lima Bean in the kitchen.

Happy six months Firecracker!

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