Sunday, November 17, 2013

Current Happenings.

Hi all! Last month we took a trip to GA for two weeks. We had a wonderful time visiting family. This is a compilation of photos from our trip (along with some miscellaneous).

Lima Bean thought Daddy could use some friends.

Looking at all the "airpanes."

Looking at the chickens.

Mom and I took a trip up to NC to visit my brother and his gang. It was wonderful!

Lima Bean loooooved wrestling with the boys. 

Pumpkin patch!

The whole gang, minus Firecracker.

First time in a swing. Check out the hideous delightful fro.

Somebody desperately needed a nap.

More birthday fun! Princess Lima Bean.

Helping on the farm.

Cousin lovin.

Helping Mimi.

The Atlanta ferris wheel!

Back in CO and enjoying our first (or second?) snow.

This basically sums up our time in NC... :)

First time swinging.

Blowing raspberries

"Uncle" Ryan teaching Lima Bean how to spin!

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