Friday, April 11, 2014

April amusement.

I know I'm partial because my girls are, well, my girls, but I have to say... they crack me up!

It's easy for me to be a complainer. That's just the truth. But these girls... oh man, these girls... they bring so much joy to my life. I praise God for the goodness in His gift to me.

 "wut up, mama?"

A little grass sitting

She decided to collect some sticks... and limbs.

"nom nom nom... rocks and dirt"

Voodoo doughnuts from downtown Denver. Yum! We ordered their big variety box and tasted every single one. Yep, every single one had bites taken out of it, but not a single one was finished (don't judge us for being gluttonous and/or wasteful).

Yogurt face!

I guess my workout is over...

Sorry if this inappropriate, but I couldn't help but post it... we have a streaker on the loose!

This is the life!

Fun at Mimi and Pops back in February 

Oldest and youngest babes.

My sous chef for the evening. 

Steak and Shake. Always a good one for laughs.

Sometimes you get funny stares in Lowes bc you have a kid in a princess dressed and rain boots stuffed under the buggie like a superhero, another kid in the main basket area eating paint swatches, AND a preggo belly. Yeah, I'm used to the stares by now. 

Happy birthday to Lima Bean ME! The pancake we ordered for LB from my birthday brunch. Of course, she only wanted to eat my breakfast burrito, so I inevitably had to eat my burrito AND the pancake. The tough things you do as a parent...

Oh and I just happened to get some diamond earrings for my bday celebration. Definite brownie points for the hubs!!

This is what greeted us the first day of spring. Today it was a toasty 75. Oh CO weather, you are so bi-polar!

My special Lima Bean

"May I help you, mom?"

Lima Bean is on her first round of antibiotics for an ear infection. Poor girl.

In other news, maybe she has an ear ache because she lost this much hair? She got a hold of a hand held fan while I was working out. This was the end result. Oh bother.

Truly becoming the best of friends.


Happy, slobbery baby. Sleeping toddler... on the floor... in undies... on top of a diaper. We're getting there.

This is NOT as cool as you think it is Firecracker!

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